One day when i was on my way home from work,

I walked and listened to music, peoples and motor vehicles come and go,

but my mind couldn't stop thinking about one thing - how to have privacy?

I have things that I wanted to do quietly. Distractions are unwanted. 

However the fact is that, I'm sharing room with my bro and cousin. I don't even have my own writting table.

I used to put my computer on the floor,on the bed, at the kitchen table or the living room.

I need space, even it's just a tiny little corner. I wanted it so much!!


Then I started to think where can I go if i decided not to stay at home??


Starbucks?? - too noisy, ppl come and go creating more distractions

McD?? - same, too many ppl and noise 

Cafe?? SAME old shit

Most importantly i dun think these are places where i felt like at home.


How good if there is a coffee shop which makes me feel like at home.

It could be decorated in a way where most people felt comfy -  like a bed room.

The priorities were set on creating and governing privacy.


Inside the bedroom, it has table and chairs, a bed with comfy pillow, some books on the rack,

some greeny plants for deco, and some soft toy on the bed.

When I'm tired of sitting on the chair, I could lay down on the bed and red a book or whatever. 

If and only if i could open a coffee like that ............


Its a Dream now.


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