1 week of holiday.
I suppose to have many plans before the holiday begins.
However everything screwed after I back to home.LOL!

(as usual) (proud of)  XD


Laziness caught me and my sis gave birth to a baby girl on Wed.
Finally the baby girl is out to see the real world!!!

25.10.2011 @  5.18am
Her mum was tough enough to gave birth alone.*applause to all the Mothers in the world* :)
For what's I've picutred in prior, we should be there with her,especially her husband.
But however,the hospital did not inform us about my sis is going to deliver.hmmm...who to blame?

Whatever,as long as my sis and the baby is safe :)))
she is sooo cute!! she opened her eyes and checking around.
Everything is soo special to her!
Hope this small creature would grow healthily like me. I'm healthy enough to convice you,do you agree? XD

And so the week goes busy busy busy with baby's stuff.
A mother of 4 child (my mum) actually do not know what to do with a crying new born!! lol~~
Everyone is a newbie now,no one knows why baby cry.
Ytd, baby cried each and every hour.1 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock.....(keep counting til...idk...im like a deadpig d) lol~~

And things gone worst when mum started to complained bout me.
lalalalalalala~~every BAD things had a relation with me :(

I do not take a glimpse on my hw or assighment during the whole week.

Holiday means Holiday!!
(oki,i console myself) (i know i will regret later T^T )

Let's cut the crappppp anddd enjoy the weekend!!!!

Wish everyone have a creepyy unforgetable Halloween as well! :DD


DON't Stop the PARTAYYYYY!!!!!!

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