Gi Gi Gu Gi Gi....

What sounds wasthat? O.o?



Finally I’ve gotthe pass to watch it!

Many of my frenstold me that epi 1 was better.But I think I like epi 2 more.

They are more newautobus, new decepticons,new funny character- Leo.

More actions fromthe robot fightings.


Favorite scene :

Sam Witwicky:Bee, I want to talk to you about the college thing, okay?
does a dance] "I'm so excited, / And I just can't hide it..."
Sam Witwicky:Hey! I'm not taking you with me!
Bumblebee is downcast]
Sam Witwicky:Bumblebee, just hear me out okay. You know freshmen aren't allowed tohave cars, that's all it is. It is best for both of us. I know itdoesn't sound like it but... you're an Autobot, you shouldn't be livingin my dad's garage. I mean you're suffocating in here. Hey will youlook at me please? Hey, come on big guy...


Bumble bee is damn cute~~ >,<


This is weird..why so lil people in the queue?




Coz everyone has bought their tickets!!lol~~



wow...everyone were juz waiting for the time to come.



munya happily holding the tickets.






saw my brother waiting for the show too.hoho~



11 is ready to being crowded~hahaha~let's GO!



munya and her cool bro~



bumble bee:Yo~


over all it's great except that i think it was too long.


The Ending line shud alwis sounds like this:

This is Optimus Prime, I now sending the message to all living autobos.......blah blah blah~~




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