wenyi jiejie is back to KL and alex took a leave on Today~~such a wonderful coincidence.and such a wonderful outings happened.Ting!

This is the 2nd time we go out with Alex khor khor le...happy going out with him,can sama sama bully wenyi jiejie~~haha!Today they decided to go 1u and i take bus to there by myself. but ho,i managed to reach there before driving car geh pppl ler.who ler?who ler? hahahxXD.TheAlex ask me to go a 'green green' place to wait them...where laide? but bcoz of that,i 'mistake beat,mistake bump', let me found the BBQ Plaza that we will get to eat later.haha~~genius siot~~ onion22.gif

1st of all is to cure the stomach sickness.got bugs playing drumsss inside Alex's stomach liao.His stomach got lotsa bugss~~eeewww~~~we fast fast find a seat and order 'Gou Li Da'..no matter wad also want Gou li DA~hahaha~

*alex beh tahan d~he wana feed the bugs with this Pork Oil!!! so geli geli~~~*


*Wenyi jiejie start to drag rice liao~wohoo~beside is the Gou Li Da lo!so meaty..jiejie like it~slurrpss~~but jiejie only know how to EAT! duno how to work!! ><  she likes to put the meat on the wok and leave it there.let ppl do her 'ending...T..T*

DSC00911.JPG DSC00921.JPG

*this is call the 'one wok masak'...wahahaha~~so delicious~yummy!!*


*Paying bil ler~~luckily got student card,20% dicount. but the student card is Alex geh~this working man stil keep the student card to tipu makan oh~>< *


* oh me and alex...thumbs up!but it isnt for the food delicioucy~juz now the wok looks so delicious ho? ofcoz la,i edited liao de ma!hahaha~~XD  the food reli not so good de~and stomach got many bugs geh ppl kenot come here wait the meat frm raw to masak~~i guess i wont come another time.bdw,this is the 2nd time i eat BBQ Plaza,been yeas ago~~i think i said the same thing b4 ler.haha~~forgetful geh ppl is most 'rugi' one lo~aiks~*


*it's time camwhoring with the Uncle Dragon that welcome everybody with a Fake yet Warm smile...it is fake becoz it doesnt move mar~hahhaha~~200612417149977.gif *


* an escalator that leads me to suffer~~ the SHOPPING mall !!! *

DSC00939-1 copy.jpg

* me before being totrture~~ ghee =D *

DSC00940-1 copy.jpg

AND THEN。。。。。。。。。。。200612417141102.gif

*35.gifcan u see that HAPPY face down there?yes,i damn scare of this happy face...494758c4352e8.gif coz it's JIEJIE SHOPPING TIME!! aiks...jiejie camwhore again in the fitting room each for merely half an hour....put aside the camwhore,this set looks nice on jiejie right?i think it is nice,alex thinks it is nice jua~but jiejie sendiri peisih sendiri...lols~the price of the skirt is abit expensive so i asked jiejie dun buy.then alex told me that it's worth for coz it looks nice and happy( the color) . Jiejie,next time we go there and pick her home okay?? heheheh~~want or not a?40.gif



*this is me while waiting jiejie~~again this kinda face.anak yg kurang perhantian~~ =( *


* alright,jiejie looks nice in this one too~~got Xu Ruo Xuan geh feel oh~haha~*


* We went into padini and met jiejie's fated to be hers Skirt~Jiejie so damn happy to see this skirt here.she've been hunting this skirt from Ipoh to here.she reli wana buy it!! wenyi jiejie>>>>49475b6a0d342.gif:i want it ~i want it plzz~~~


* now it's time for Alex to shop. He likes the white shirt, but i think the black color one also not bad orh.Looks SMart.Alex dun Syong Sendiri when see this comment ya~~lolss *


* it's kinda late ad.we quickly find a restaurant to settle out dinner.choosing always makes ppl suffer.lols~we stand quite a while infront of the directiory map. seeking for  restaurant...not so expensive and nice one.i suggested Subway lo.coz i wanted to try it long ago.all nodded wor.alex said he eat bfore,so we ask how does it taste like....alex say: I can vomit out the burger......

wad?!! u eat tilvomit geh food now u say wana go and eat huh? wana see how we vomit ?? lols~~

luckily we asked.haha~~~and then we change to eat burger king lo. jiejie havnt eat before and I eat once before and it was long ago de lo.erm....burger king's burger not bad wor.boleh tahan~~but the water kenot refill d..not syok lo.coz kenot sendiri fill the water.i wana play that machine!! >< *


once again wana thank you working man Alex fetch us back to uni safely. It was never boring outing with wenyi jiejie and alex~hahaha~~

so....What's NEXT????2006124171239134.gif

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