Sunsilk blog to Paris….what the hell is this?

That's was my 1st impression when i heard of it. I don’t know anything about this contest even though Munya actually asked me to vote her before.LOL….and I never thought that I could play a part in this competition at all, I’m kind of immune to competition. =P

And here comes Munya asking me to join the competition as they already got into TOP10 Finale Stage. They need people who knows how to act I guess, that’s why they find me.haha~I accept the challenge as i think i should try on something more in acting. ^_^

This competition was organized by MYC youth magazine coorporate with Sunsilk. It requires 4 people in a group and has 2 stages, in the 1st stage, you need to blog about Sunsilk Leave-On Conditioner and most importantly is to grab votes for your blog. The vote determines which groups are qualified to the Finale. Where else the 2nd stage (those who make it to the finale) are like a presentation in front of judges, judges will decide which group deserve to go to PARIS! Yes! The grand price is a FREE tour to Paris!

Take a Look at the Tempting Prizzeess...


Other MERIT Categories
* Most Popular University Blog
- defined as the most number of visitors online
Prize = RM 300 Cash + Sunsilk Products

* Most Creative Effort Blog
- defined as the most Creative and Innovative blog as chosen by judges
Prize = RM 300 Cash + Sunsilk Products

* Most Attractive Hair / Tudung Style Blog
- displayed the most attractive and highest number of distinct hair styles in the blog
Prize = RM 300 Cash + Sunsilk Products


I did not join the 1st stage, Munya and Nicole(Munya’s Frend) fill in anonymous names merely to fulfill their requirement. When it comes to the finale, 4 of the member have to show up and present. And so I got chosen, hehe~~

By time I know bout the competition, we only have 2 days to prepare our presentation! Well, I guess is the time to exerts typical Malaysian students spirit--Last Minute Job! XD  First of all we used one day to sort out the story (we are going to do a 5minutes movie act) and we used one day to practice (actually is half day XD). I think we exerts the LMJ very well.haha~

Let’s talk bout the Story:

The story is kind of typical, but it’s easy to comprehend and it’s very true. We use comparison to show the difference between girl who used Sunsilk leave on conditioner and girl who don’t. As college students, we have a lot of party and activities to join. Morning we went to jogging, after jogging we go to class, after class we have party to attend and so on. Problem is, how do we make our self gorgeous in every of the activities? Sunsilk Leave on conditioner can help you. You only need 1 minute to own a softer and smoother hair! Simple. Of course we did not act in a typical way; we also gave silly faces and actions to catch the crowd’s eyes. ^_^

We and 4 of our supporters were invited to the party at ROOTZ. Press, media and TV will be there too!! This is the 1st time I attending such a grand event. Lols.. I’m Happy instead of nervous. But I don’t know why I feel no nervousness in me even I know I’ll have to act stupid in so many people.  That’s’ weirdo =P…

And Holy we are the 1st group to present!! We don't have anytime to rehearsal,not even once. JUST DO IT was the only thing in my mind. After the presentation ends,i actually do not have any feeling or thoughts towards the chances of us in getting any prizes. We just sat there and watched other teams perform.

Finally it comes to the time announcing the winner for each catogories. I knew we wont get to win in the MERIT catogories, I aimed we would get 3rd Prize and it would be happy enough. When they announce the 3rd Prize, I stopped breathing.......NOT US!!  T_____T   I've giving up hopes but Nikita who sat besides me was totally optimistic. She said to me : "Eh, which means we still get a chance to win 2rd or 1st prize la..." I was like...Wow,where did she gets those confident from?haha~~

but hell knows she is RIGHT!! We are the 2nd Prize winner!!49298000504de.gif incase u have forgotten what are the prizes,scroll up! I'm stunned for a second, Munya is the 1st one who ShoutS :"AHHHHhhhhh~~~Ohmygod!" Yea,me neither cant believe we actually got such achievements.It was like dreaming but its not. My mind is so blank....What i able to do is SMILE very WIDEly infront of the Press and the Camera flashes.

Although the drama act was a bit mess up at the end, but I thought we continue it confidently and I thought the judges actually get us right. ^^


Thanks alot to Munya who believe in me in this acting stuff,hahaha~and also two of the cute sisters Nicole and Nikita. Both of you are really funny, I'm really happy to know you all. ^.^ (Next time don't start the engine so early lar,haha)

Here I want to thank Sinyee,Neill for being our technician.^^ Huggies~~

Tommy for being our camera man. Nice to meet you (shakes hand).

Nicole and Nikita’s Mom who took EL just to come and support and take care of our belongings. Such a Lovely mom.



Lot 10 Rooftop.Never know LOT10 has such a scenery spot


 Rootz at Rooftop.




Camwore at the front gate once we reached.Playing with the poor paper Elfer Tower. =P



The pathway to rootz is a Mirror Wall. It's Pretty! The light's color changed.

From the left Nikita,Munya,Me and Nicole.We are Little Gee!



inside the Rootz



 The clothes in our 1st scene.So unmatch with the Event Dress Code - Smart Casual with a touch of PInK



Chilling around before the presentation starts



Models from Russia acted as France Model.SO eye Catching. They definitely killed lots films~GORGEOUS~



The food which was tell worth rm100. Serve in a Spoon and not everyone could get it.



Acted to be a model?haha~



My dear Sinyee^_^ camwore at the Mirror Wall in the middle of the event.Notty us~ blekk =P



Tommy the Camera man. He took fotos with his hands instead of eyes. =_=



The people are shooting us...hahaha~



100% joyful~



Nikita and Nicole snatching the Paper elfer tower....=_= Can get to witness the real one, get the fake one also not bad ma.haha~



Little Gee

(Nicole,enuf la,the paper elfer tower is gonna kedut lo...)



Wendy aka Me


 A very great experience with the girls


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